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Dean’s App is an electronic extension of the surgical textbook Structure Rhinoplasty: Lessons Learned Over 30 Years. Through Dean’s App, customers who have already purchased the book will have access to a large amount of additional material such as photos, videos, and in-depth articles written by experts on Rhinoplasty.
After downloading Dean’s App for IOS, users will be able to choose between a premium (Dean's App Premium) and basic version (Dean's App Basic) of the app. While both plans include extensive additional material, the premium version, for only $9.99 a month, will allow for features including but not limited to the following:
All 14 chapters of Dean’s Apps references
An online forum where users can create and respond to topics created by other users related to Rhinoplasty.
An online Wikipedia (Wikirhinopedia) which contains articles written by practicing surgeons of Rhinoplasty from all over the world.
An extensive video and photo archive.
A Rhinocast section containing lectures given from all over the world.
Get connected with others interested in Rhinoplasty as well as access to resources that will help strengthen your personal knowledge and skill. Instead of simply reading a textbook by itself, why not get as much out of it as possible? For anyone seriously interested in learning about Rhinoplasty as well as improving their own skillset, Dean’s App is a must.
In order to get started, you will have to have purchased Structure Rhinoplasty: Lessons Learned Over 30 Years. The book includes a serial code inside the front cover which will allow you to unlock Dean’s App. Get started today!
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Version: 0.2.7-release

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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