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If you want to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend, that person you fancy or your partner on your wedding anniversary, on a special day or for Valentine’s Day, then download for free Design love cards. A customized way of saying I love you in any situation. Lovely love cards to send. If don’t know what present would she or he like, download the app and create love cards. It’s very quick and easy to make them. You will surprise your beloved one, husband or wife with romantic love quotes and postcards.
You can choose amongst 40 different backgrounds or card styles, choose the text color, the font or write your love message or love quote with your own handwriting.
Love letters and inscriptions to surprise that special someone and make their day! –if you liked the app, please rate it because it helps us to improve them. Thanks!
All images are drawn especially for this application and hold all rights reserved. For the background pictures we have used Internet images of public domain because they are not identified with symbols or any other information which indicates the existence of reserved copyrights. The natural or legal person who owns any of the pictures can confirm sending an e-mail to the developer, we commit to remove instantly said picture after having verified the property of copyrighted picture.
For other pictures we have used pictures acquired by this enterprise for exclusive use. These pictures hold all rights reserved and belong to its author.



Version: 15.07.2

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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