Detector de Tontos

2.8 (6)

Entertainment | 1.4MB


Fool The Detector can detect Tont @ s, Chic @ s, s Beautiful Girls Geeks by performing thermal analysis bystanders.
Really? Well ... not really, but unsuspecting friends will not know.
It is a simple application (a joke) to fool your friends. The trick is easy (read carefully, no instructions inside, for obvious reasons).
The trick is in the icon (On / Off) of sound (bottom right of the screen). Steps: -
1) mobile discreetly pointing at your desired target and press the Power Off / On icon. The mobile store this address.
2) Now point the phone away and choose a target (ie, one of the 8 icons)
3) Turn the phone to make an analysis of the room. When your mobile point your chosen direction will sound an alert and all your friends will believe.
The information icon has the opposite effect and sets the target on the complete opposite direction (useful if you want to be the target).



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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