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HR’s support recruitment system- HR freelancer arising income connection channel
Arising income from 5.000.000 ₫ each month
Introduce candidate – Get rewards immediately
If HR wants to get more income with available candidate’s CV, which is not suitable with your company’s position, Congratulations, quickly register a HR Freelancer account and enter profile, as well as your information’s bank account. You can join into our system and update information regularly.
+ Term of HR Freelancer’s payment?
Hr Freelancer’s payment will be paid into 2 times
+ The first time: 5 days after the candidate works in company (50%)
+ The second time: 30 days after the candidate works in company (the remaining 50%)
How can HR Freelancer continuously receive suitable job’s information
At website and Application- we have got received information subscriptions.
If there are postings matching with your subscriptions, or CV you created at Devwork, our system will send notification through Email, Application or on Website
Devwork guaranteed
- Access anonymously to job information.
- information sources are diversified and updated regularly.
- Working time and place are active and flexible.
- Transparency in payment and income of all HR



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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