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Use your smartphone / tablet as a photo frame by displaying an easy-to-configure slideshow !
Features :
- Choice of the folder to display (including or not subfolders)
- Play a song or a playlist during the slideshow
- Define images display time
- Choice of display order : by date, by name or random
- Several possible transitions (fade, slide, zoom)
- Fast forward or back to images already display by swiping screen
Pictures display order :
- By date : Pictures are sorted by picture creation date (EXIF), or if not available by file modification date.
- By name : Pictures are sorted by alphabetical order (for example, 'Image01' is displayed before 'Picture12', '14B' before '15A'... '18' is before '2', but '02' is before '18'). If there are sub-folders included, images in sub-folders are displayed after images in the root folder.
- Random : Each image is displayed one time, in random order. When all the images have been displayed, they are displayed again with a different order.
While slideshow is in progress, you can display next picture by swiping from left to right, and you can go back to previous pictures by swiping right to left.
I improve this app from time to time, if you think I should add a particular feature let me know it in comments or by e-mail.



Version: 2.5

Requires: Android 0 or later


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