Dino Beach Attack simulator 2019

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Dino Beach Attack Simulator 2019
Everybody loves to spend calm, relaxing day at beach but what if a dino comes out from water and start attacking people? Wondering how chaotic the scene will be? You will experience it all while playing Dino Beach Attack Simulator 2019 – a fun and exciting game.
Dino Beach Attack Simulator 2019 takes you to the territory of a dino, who doesn’t want any sort of disturbance on its beach. Dino is in a deadly mood and it is going to attack any everyone. This is an action-packed game in which you are going to play as the deadly dinosaur.
The game is designed to have different, challenging missions. In each mission, you will be given a certain target. It can be:
Killing people
Destroying objects
Killing animals
Killing hunters
Once you have accomplished the mission, you will be able to proceed towards the next level.
How to Play?
This game can be played by using the joystick buttons that appear on the screen. There is an action button to kill people as well.
Exceptional Features of Dino Beach Attack Simulator 2019
Have a look at some of the most exciting features of Dino Beach Attack Simulator 2019:
Unique gameplay
Easy to control
Smooth handling
Superior graphics
Realistic sound effects
It is a free-to-download game, so get it now and play as a deadly dino.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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