Dinosaur Digger

3.8 (7)

Parenting | 27.0MB


“Dinosaur Digger” is a puzzle game specially designed for children aged 3-6 years. Children will return to world of dinosaurs in the game, they could choose and drive cool dinosaur diggers to explore the mysterious forest, land and sea. During the travel children will collect precious gems and lost of dinosaur jigsaws.
This game integrates elements both dinosaurs and machinery, ancient and modern, mysterious and technological, including rich level and interesting music, which enlighten children’s creativity and the spirit of exploring the unknown world.
The game has following features:
1. Interesting tasks. Children can search for gems and mysterious dinosaur puzzles, help small underwater animals in danger;
2. Enriching scenes. The picture in the game are exquisite and delicate, the animation effect is vivid and interesting;
3. Creative DIY. Give full play to baby's creativity, develop baby's exploration and innovation ability;
4. Beautiful sound effects. The sound effects are produced by professional teams, which is cool, dazzling and funny.
Little explorers, it is the time to choose your favorite dinosaur digger, and start a mysterious journey to the ancient world.




Requires: Android4.0 or later


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