Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooting 2019

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Download now for free and one of the best Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooting game and enjoy the dinosaur hunting and shooting in this hunting season. It’s time to hone your shooting skills. Kill the dinosaurs with the head shots to get the biggest reward in this dinosaur shooting game. Use X-Ray feature to see the heart and lungs to shoot perfectly. The dino hunting simulator is totally breathtaking and real to life. The dangerous dinosaur are walking around you in the wild jungle. The dinosaur might sense your presence in the jungle so show your best shooting skill and take the best shot to kill the dinosaurs and become the best huntsman. Don’t hold back when dinosaur run towards you grip your gun tightly and take the best shot to kill the dinosaurs and become real dino hunting expert in this free dino hunting game 2019.
Dinosaur hunter sniper shooting 2019 is full of adventure and thrill of a being real dinosaur hunter in the wild jungle. Kill the most ferocious animals in the history. Shoot the wild beast long thought extinct from the docile stegosaurus to the terrifying T-Rex. Use the x=ray feature which will show you the clearly lung heart and body parts of deadly dinosaur. X=Ray will help you to shoot on required target. Hunt down all the kind of dinosaurs .They may attack on you back so be always alert and develop a steady hand to sight up your target and take the best shot. Become the killer of dinosaurs using the multiple snipers which will make you hunt the dinosaurs in every situation. Take the headshot and get the rewarded score which help you to unlock the other guns. This dinosaur hunting game where you will hunt the dino and try to save yourself from deadly dinosaur.
Features of Dinosaur Hunter Sniper Shooting 2019
Real thrill of dinosaurs chases, attack and shooting.
Thrilling missions with different numbers of dinosaurs.
Awesome game play with attacking animations and sounds effects.
Multiple guns are available for hunting and shooting dinosaurs,
Keep in your mind dinosaurs are dangerous you have to shoot them with multiple bullets. If you are real dino hunter you can easily hunt the dinosaurs in real environment of dinosaurs. There are multiple types of dinosaurs for hunting are Brontosaurus, Apatosaurus, Parasaurolophus , Stegosaurus.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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