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Chronic dialysis therapy, fatigue is also a great reason to keep busy with health professionals as well as for patients. Dialysis staff, while producing the highest quality service to patients frenzy, on the other hand are in constant need of updating information to fill out the bottom of this quality service. Kidney disease and dialysis is constantly refreshed information on the practical, considering the fact that, if changed, and updated, the importance of continuing current information will be better understood. Here diyalizonl the application to achieve information prepared keeping in mind your requirements, consultation, calculations, and training applications. In this educational platform prepared in accordance with the realities of the digital age, dialysis process, the problems faced by dialysis patients and physicians will be available to you in an interactive way, the calculations will make your daily practice, information tables, you can reach the archive of meetings that have been published previously by the will and Dialysis Online at hand will be able .



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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