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Find the best Dj music hits with their best artists and their best songs completely free.
Discover the best mixes of the best DJs in history with songs that every time they sound make us vibrate with endless genres where you can enjoy the music of the Dj.
There are many techniques used by DJs to improve the mix of discs and thus merge the music that is playing at one time and the next. These techniques include, mainly, punch-in, equalization and audio mixing from two or more different sources. The complexity and frequency of the special techniques used in the mix depend to a large extent on the environment in which the DJ works.
Professional DJs also use the harmonic mix to mix songs that are compatible in terms of musical scale.
Dj music is a purely electronic genre whose main influences are electro, pop, hi-NRG and electronic, although it is also influenced by the more soul and funk variants of disco dance music. It also contains many elements of the album but tending to be more electronic and minimalist.
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