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Does it happen to you that you are not doing anything? Instead of performing your duties, do you procrastinate? Do It With Android is exactly the app that will help you with everything. Enter your responsibilities into the application and Do It With Android will prepare you an ideal plan to do everything. No more missed task or missed deadline. Get experience and show world that you can be effective!
You enter time range when you are productive every day, then you enter the tasks you need to do by a certain date. The application will constantly calculate the ideal procedure for filling, or what to omit to make important tasks in time. Each task has its priority and its importance and performance is determined accordingly. At the same time, you enter the approximate time required for each task, but if the real duration is different from the expected one - nothing happens, the application recalculates what to do. As a bonus for each task, you gain experience that motivates you to accomplish your tasks as much as possible - and what's more, you can see your progress in the statistics.
Organize your time, don't miss any deadline, do more tasks than ever before - Do It With Android!



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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