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Dofody Doctors is the app exclusively built for doctors who are willing to spend time to help clear their patient's health concerns, follow up with known patients online using video, audio and chat messages and thus improve the doctor patient communication, grow the practice and popularity and create a free online clinic!.
This app can only be used by Doctors who have created and activated their account at Dofody. Creating an account is absolutely free, but verification can take up to 4 business days.
I'm a Doctor, what is in it for me?
* Follow up with your regular patients online through high quality video and audio calls along with real time chat messages.
* Provide second opinions on medical or surgical concerns raised by patients
* Set the consulting fees for video, audio and chat messages and change them at your will
* Accept payments from your regular as well as new patients for simply listening to their questions and sharing your knowledge
* Build your own "free" online clinic and boost your popularity leveraging the SEO friendly profile pages at Dofody
* Refer your patients to the best specialist doctor with just a few taps
* Consult patients anytime, anywhere and make money while growing your practice
How does this work?
* Patients send consultation requests after browsing through doctor's profile and finding the doctor's consulting hours
* Consultation requests are received on the doctor's app only after the patient completes the payment process
* Doctor starts the video or audio call consultation when they are available which usually corresponds to the time they have earlier set while configuring their "available consulting hours"
I'm a Doctor, can I join?
* Of course, you can. However, you should satisfy the below conditions
* You are a doctor practicing in India
* You are willing to spend time to listen to patient's questions and answer them satisfactorily
* You have the ability to actually "listen"
* You agree to the "Terms and conditions" and "Privacy policy" of Dofody Solutions



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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