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Donors lane :- it is a common platform where people join as blood donor first which will be mandatory and they can find donor of required blood group of their specific location by entering location. Then the list of donors in that location appears.
User who joined app can raise the request for blood by entering required details, For patient admitted in multi specialty or Normal hospital
Once the request is raised the donors who are using this app will receive a notification in app as well as push notification for that specific location.
Based on the purpose notification is prioritized.
Users who ever receive this notification can post that request on any of the social platforms to make it reach to maximum people in less time.
They can also find the donors in the available list in the specific location.
User can contact donor with available features to call in app.
Considering female privacy we provided an caution to provide alternative contact info of specific girl/women.
In this way donors lane provides a common platform to connect with donors and find them easily based on the location.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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