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Easily write Apps for your phone or tablet using JavaScript. Edit your code using our easy-to-use WiFi editor, or just edit code directly on your device. Now you can write Apps anywhere!
Using this App is a great way to learn JavaScript, one of the most popular and useful computer languages on the planet! It contains lots of clear and simple examples and comes with 'active' documentation and a large and friendly community who are ready to help -
For serious coding sessions, we highly recommend using the built-in browser based IDE (editor). It connects via WiFi to your device allowing wire free coding on Windows, Linux or Mac PCs and it makes coding a breeze!
You can choose to make either Native style or HTML5 style Apps, or make Hybrid Apps using the built-in WebView control. You can make use use of all the power of the modern Chrome browser in both style of App.
- Add Buttons, Text and Graphics.
- Access GPS, Compass, Camera, Accelerometer.
- Send and Receive emails and SMS.
- Use native controls and/or HTML5.
- Make use of popular JavaScript libs such as JQuery.
- Write simple games.
- Share App source with your friends as SPK's
- Control Aurduino and Lego NXT.
- On phone/tablet documentation.
- Plenty of samples.
- New stuff being added all the time!
Please be kind and post issues and requests on the news group
instead of giving negative reviews.
Thank you.
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Version: 1.34

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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