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this app has been designed for the people of fiqa jafria with dua e kumail audio . In this app you can read and listen nade ali in urdu and english. nade ali audio provide many easy way of sliding images , English and Urdu translations . Hazrat Ali ke Aqwal.saying of hazrat ali. Hazrat Ali ki hadees in Urdu. Hazrat Ali k faisly. Hazrat Ali quotes in Urdu. Hazrat Ali aqwal in urdu. Hazrat Ali aqwal. Hazrat Ali as. Hazrat Ali a.s aqwal. Hazrat Ali app. hazrat ali book. hazrat ali bani. hazrat ali bangla. hazrat ali ki baatein. hazrat ali ki batein. aqwal e zareen hazrat ali. aqwal e zareen hazrat ali in urdu. hazrat ali quotes in english. aqwal e hazrat ali. hazrat ali ke aqwal e zareen. hazrat ali farman. hazrat ali ke faislay. farman hazrat ali. hazrat ali history. hazrat ali hadees. hazrat ali quotes in urdu. hazrat musa ali salam ka waqia. mojza hazrat ali a.s quotes of hazrat ali. history of hazrat ali. life of hazrat ali. hazrat ali a.s. hazrat ali razi allah. hazrat ali a.s quotes. hazrat ali sms. hazrat ali wallpaper. hazrat wasif ali wasif. dua e kumail audio with urdu translation . nade ali, nade ali dua, nade ali wazifa, nade ali se mushkilat ka hal, nade ali kabeer, nade ali full, nade ali english, nade ali mushkilat hal, nade ali muskilat hal, nade ali in urdu, wazaife nade ali, wazaif,naad e ali, naad e ali ra mushkilat ka hal, naad e ali dua, naad e ali kabeer, naad e ali ra mushkilat ka hal, naad e ali dua, naad e ali kabeer, naad e ali ra mushkilat ka hal, mola ali k aqwal, mola ali books, mola ali ke qol, mola ali, mola ali a.s, farman mola ali a.s, aqwal mola ali as, mola ali k aqwal, mola ali books, farman e mola ali, aqwal e mola ali, farman mola ali a.s, mola ali k farman, mola ali ke qol, mojza mola ali mushkil kusha, manqabat mola ali, mola ali noha, qasida mola ali
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App Features are:
- Easy pages swaping navigation
- Nice layouts
- App Zoom in and Zoom out
- complete dua e kumail with urdu translation



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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