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Clinical research is proving that amblyopia (lazy eye) is treatable. Try now this process, with which each eye sees a separate image.
: This application is not suitable for people who have a squint.
Practicing the lazy eye exercises has shown significant results for:
‣ Improving visual acuity of the lazy eye
‣ Improving the binocular and stereoscopic vision
Studies were usually conducted over a period of 5 weeks, playing the games 1 hour a day.
Find more about the clinical research :
All you need is the Duovision app and a pair of 3D glasses (anaglyph glasses, with red and cyan lenses, usually less than $5 on internet).
Features :
‣ Play some games using the dichoptic vision process
‣ Adjust the difficulty level of the game
‣ Easily calibrate the colors to suit your anaglyph glasses and screen
‣ Create reminders to think about playing
‣Track your performance by game statistics and game time
This app can be used by :
‣ those with no visual problem
‣ those with functional amblyopia, resulting from anisometropia (strong difference in visual acuity between the two eyes) or an already corrected strabismus.
Lazy eye (amblyopia) is a pathology that prevents or deteriorates vision in 3D (impact on depth and distance perception). The pathology blocks in various degrees the signal sent by the ambliopic eye.
: Therefore, people with uncorrected strabismus may face a risk of double vision (diplopia) using this application. We recommend in this case to not use the application. If you have any doubt, consult an ophtalmologist.
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This application is not a medical device.



Version: v1.1.6

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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