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Can you keep up with the pace? Show it! With this app in your pocket you can go for the coolest festival prizes with every step you take!
Why bother, you ask? Well, first of all you have literally nothing to do, you just walk around the
festival, party here and there like you would normally do. And the steps you take during your day you can turn them into the coolest festival prizes like festival flasks, solar battery chargers or even an FUJI INSTAX Camera!
If you’d like to go for the big game, take part in this year’s GO.ON Challange. We’ve scattered some QR-codes with sustainability tips throughout the festival area. If you find them all fast enough, you may even win a Strand Festival daily pass!
What are the prizes?
- Fuji Instax Camera
- Solar battery chargers
- UV-body paint
- Festival flask
- 2in1 phone charger cable and key-holder
- Strand Festivaldaily tickets
What you have to do?
1. Download the app
2. Enable the HealthKit app
3. Party, party, partttyyyyyy!
4. Hunt for our sustainability tips
5. Spend your steps at the E.ON Oasis
6. Show off your fancy festival gadgets
What can you do at the E.ON Oasis?
You can chill with us, get energized for the upcoming concerts or even charge your phone with solar energy every day between 12:00 – 23:00! Visit us, will you?
How does the application’s step counting function work?
E.ON GO.ON application displays steps to users counted by the Google Fit application.



Version: 4.0.0

Requires: Android6.0 or later


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