EMF Radiation Meter / Magnetic Field Detector

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The EMF Radiation Meter / Magnetic Field Detector detects Electromagnetic field. Magnetic Field Meter/ Radiation EMF Meter finds/measures electromagnetism, geomagnetic field, and magnetism.
EMF Radiation Meter is used for detecting EMF, magnets, metals, devices etc.
EMF Radiation Meter also detects electronic devices, just because those devices emit radiation.
The EMF Radiation Meter works with the help of android phone's sensor called magnetometer in order to find Electromagnetic waves.
The radiation emitted by different electronic devices, like mobile, TV, laptop, computer etc, is inimical to health. When you use EMF radiation metre, it helps you find the radiation, and then, you can go away from that area where there is much radiation.
#Working Procedure:- EMF radiation meter is a portable and simple app. Just open the app, move it around, and it'll ring a beef sound to indicate the emission of radiation. Where there's radiation, electromagnetism, magnetism, just use Emf radiation meter for facilitating yourself.
1) Provides accuracy in measuring radiation.
2) Measures electromagnetism .
3) Measures magnetism.
4) Measures emission of radiation.
1) Emf radiation meter
2) Radiation detector
3) Electromagnetism detector
4) Gauss meter
5) Emf radiation detector
6) Radiation measuring app.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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