EPSHP Hupulaanen

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EPSHP Hupulaanen is a patient-centric care coordination and patient engagement mobile application that supports patients' and families' from preparation to recovery. The application automates and monitors patients' preparation for surgery and recovery procedures as well as provides timely information throughout the patient journey.
EPSHP Hupulaanen provides you with all the information about the surgery and treatment via an efficient, user-friendly and interactive timeline. You will receive reminders about important tasks before and after the surgery, opportunity to fill documents, navigation to hospital on the day of surgery and post-operative instructions, just to name a few.
The objective of the application is to allow you to focus on caring for yourself as a patient or caring for the patient as a caretaker. You will easily receive all important information and support material in the application.



Version: v2.17.1

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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