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EZ ABC is for all those who want to learn the English language. This is the app that you really need to have in your phone/tab always to learn English, whenever you want to and at your own pace.
EZ ABC gets you started with learning the basics of the English language and building a sizable vocabulary of words to be able to use them in conversations after a few hours or days of learning. In a matter of days only, you will learn many commonly used words to be able to understand and speak them just as the natives would speak them. As you learn and practice more, you will make significant progress in moving towards your goal of learning the English language to be able to have a decent conversation in English.
✤ EZ ABC uses a simple Flashcards based interface to display information, you can just swipe the cards and learn
As you swipe the cards, new words/information is displayed along with voices that tell you exactly how those words or sentences are spoken
✤ You can tap any Flashcard again to hear the spoken voices
✤ You can also long-press on any Flashcard to display options that help you control voice and navigation options in the app. If you don't want to be disturbed then you can either choose the Silent mode or just enable the Click sound as you move around the flashcards
✤ Select a new learning experience from the main screen and you are on your way to master the English language
♚ Go ahead and download EZ ABC app right now and start learning English language or enhance your vocabulary of English language if you already know it a little bit.
♚ You can also download another companion app - "EZ Lingo" to learn many languages and enhance your vocabulary of words for the language that you choose to learn.



Version: 2.3

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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