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The Edebifik; 'Country people' tent a passenger who is wandering. The idea, action and believe in the existence of yet unspoken words into action platform. If necessary, leave fists and tears in the streets like a seed.
There are places in the world occupy the acquisition price. Edebifik, then there is a site that feels the obligation to advertise. It is not only some texts to read. In the eyes of our hearts and minds and it is seeking to show wrists. Edebifik is, the idea of ​​a structure which accommodates the movement mezcet the case. Therefore, those who follow this site are responsible for reading. Being against all kinds of coercive institutions and community-based hierarchy, there is the spirit of the site.
The Edebifik;
When paying with a pen the right word, taking the wheel in the summer it pays alms to birds.
Three - five out of the magazine article, he was participating in several television programs, you feel the master worked writer-poet (!) He tells the crew to limit in any case.
and using a postpaid bills automatically paid one eye does not look good.
Nb, NS, bye, those who think that shorten life by slm and other abbreviations are suffering. Turkish lovers.
The luxurious restaurant does not give iftar. Coffee and bagels sees enough.
He does not like virtuality, it sees the temporary presence on the computer screen. Paper instead of a computer screen, the whole world prefers tea instead of paper.
After you enter a series of television history book because she is afraid of making money and seek refuge in Allah. Television forgotten the days when the word of the extracts, such nevzuh forward to remove the word from Racon.
Vampire, wonderful opportunity for reinforced arms hormones to burn books filled with pictures. Nevzuh coffee drinking establishments, and those who do not see eye well accustomed to Sheddad foot shopping temple.
Having problems with their first beat him, and then it shows the way.
It is on our side. I said incorrigible person knows that the seam does not hold. I whopping center of the mouth he would aim to place a question.
Weekends to meet the financial needs of the stairs going to the deletion.
Food's the best part of the last places include the three sugar and tea.
The last he saw that the odd money on the road to love.
To see the sadness smoke also does not admire burning candles. The sadness is already registered with destiny.
Yunus Emre and love Karacaoglan.
Edebifik sites and is not entered into the Nisantasi and fashion. Tel Aviv is not entered at all.
This is the Raco.



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