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Electrical System Design is a Part of electrical engineering course, the App covers the basics of the subject of Electrical Systems Design useful to the engineering degree students as well as practising engineers. The best app in Engineering Education
Electrical System engineers design and develop power plants, electric motors, and high rise building systems, communications systems, Transmission lines etc. and more.
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The App covers the topic in a flashcard like format, better than a book based learning, purpose of the App is faster learning and revisions of the subject.
The Application covers over 100 topics of Electrical System Design and Estimation in detail. The topics are divided in 6 units. Some of topics Covered in this application are:
1. Types of lighting schemes
2. Electrical Symbols
3. Lists of Electrical symbols
4. Salient Features of Electricity Act, 2003
5. Consequences of Electricity Act, 2003
6. Indian Electricity Rules (1956)
7. General safety precautions
8. Role and Scope of National Electric Code
9. Components of National electric code
10. Classification of Supply Systems - TT system
11. Classification of Supply Systems - TN system
12. Classification of Supply Systems - IT system
13. Selection criteria for the TT, TN and IT systems
14. Load break switches
15. Switch Fuse Units & Fuse Switches
16. Circuit Breakers - MCB
17. Circuit Breakers - MCB Selection & Characteristics
18. Circuit Breakers - RCCB
19. Circuit Breakers - MCCB
20. Circuit Breakers - ELCB
21. Circuit Breakers - Voltage Base ELCB
22. Circuit Breakers - Current-operated ELCB
23. Circuit Breakers - ACB
24. Operation of ACB
25. Air Blast Circuit Breaker
26. Different Types of Air Blast Circuit Breaker
27. Circuit Breakers - OCB
28. Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker
29. Single & Double Break Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker
30. Circuit Breakers - Minimum Oil
31. Circuit breakers - VCB
32. Electrical Switchgear
33. SF6 Circuit Breaker
34. Types and Working of SF6 Circuit Breaker
35. Vacuum Arc or Arc in Vacuum
36. Different types of fuses
37. Protection against over load
38. Delay curves
39. Service connections
40. Electrical Diagrams
41. Methods for representation for wiring diagrams
42. Systems of House Wiring
43. Neutral and earth wire
44. Load Factor for Electrical Installations
45. Earth bus- Design of earthing systems
46. Demand Factor for electrical installations
47. Diversity Factor for electrical installations
48. Utilization factor & Maximum Demand for electrical installations
49. Coincidence factor for electrical installations
50. Demand Factor & Load Factor according to Type of Buildings
51. Design of LT panels
52. Current Rating of single core XLPE Un-armoured INSULATED Cables
53. Current Rating of single core XLPE Armoured INSULATED Cables
54. Current Rating of Two core XLPE Un-armoured INSULATED Cables
55. Current Rating of Two core XLPE Armoured INSULATED Cables
56. Current Rating of Three core XLPE Un-Armoured Insulated Cables
57. Current Rating of Three core XLPE Armoured INSULATED Cables
58. Current Rating of Three & Half core XLPE Un-Armoured INSULATED Cables
59. Current Rating of Three & Half core XLPE Armoured INSULATED Cables
60. Current Rating of Four core XLPE Un-Armoured INSULATED Cables
61. Current Rating of Four core XLPE Armoured INSULATED Cables
62. Qualities of good lighting schemes
63. Luminous flux
64. Luminous intensity
65. Illuminance
66. Luminance
67. Reflection and Reflection Factor
68. Laws of illumination
69. Necessity of Illumination
70. Photometry & Luminaire
71. Photometric Bench
72. Incandescent Lamps
73. Characteristics of Incandescent Lamps
74. Discharge Lamps
75. Mercury Vapor Lamp
76. Sodium Vapor Lamp



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