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Teaching with
”Electronic Classbook PDF”
now has become indispensable in the Schools, and the university, and most of the facilities and training centers.
What Electronic Classbook PDF”
Probably not have a formal definition of the Education Sector for this concept. But according to our own comment, currently in high school, when it comes to using electronic lesson plans in teaching is almost mean lesson plans are compiled on a computer with a dedicated software, then through the projector device (projector) connected to the computer, to export content to the big screen lesson plans for students in the teaching process
There are many different software can be used for this purpose, but are used much more is still Microsoft's PowerPoint software, software export to slide -PDF slide. The reason why PDF is preferred for this purpose is the advantage of high compatibility with all operating systems,
”Electronic Classbook PDF” nothing more beneficial?
For the natural sciences:
”Electronic Classbook PDF”
have a huge advantage helps teachers to do more things that way of teaching "chalk board" cannot be done as: diagram dynamic, diverse illustrative material and common to each student, allowing teachers to link the use of software in dedicated disciplines.
E Lesson Plans also good support for the teaching of social sciences:
Of course teachers are the material Van slide-PDF. Data that appears in the lecture gently, naturally as a decorative screen for presentations; patiently waited for the time for its teachers as well some words softly, without exaggeration, and for teachers to implement his lectures with electronic lesson plans, whether for natural sciences or social, if properly harnessed the strengths of PDF.
Important benefits for teachers and students, parents, the use of ”Electronic Classbook PDF” app
- The application is connected to the data warehouse is a full set of textbooks and digital editing program according to the latest study the current primary (elementary, junior high, high school)
- Not only is the digitization of textbooks, but
”Electronic Classbook PDF”
also comes with multimedia content with interactive features quizzes.
Application ”Electronic Classbook PDF” function now supports the following
- Access a full library lecture courses of secondary level: elementary, junior high, high school.
- View the contents of electronic lesson created with PowerPoint software and export to PDF.
- Users can view free exploitation without registration, login to enter the system.
- Allowed to view online lectures on Android or iOS device of your league.
- View comments and suggestions about the lecture on
”Electronic Classbook PDF”
- Allowed to attend all the lectures of all disciplines from all educational levels from grade 1 to 12 (from elementary, junior high, high school)
We are continuing to build more functional and we hope to receive the support and your suggestions he, she, students and parents.
Connect easily anytime, anywhere with the
”Electronic Classbook PDF”
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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