English Bolna Shikhe : 30 Days to Learn English

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The program contains lessons that give special attention to English pronunciation and everyday language.
This app includes total 30 days program with various features which taught you How to Speak Real English. Most of the time we face many kind of problem due to poor english speaking like to get a job and in many social activities. This is offline app and does not require internet connection.
Learn English using Hindi language and acquire the skills which are are looking to achieve.
But with little determination, practice and patience, they can learn to speak English confidently.
App also includes basic to advanced levels of pronunciation techniques to polish reader’s everyday speaking skills. 
App is classified in 30 days by different lessons on English. It has grammar topics, vocabulary and tests. Enjoy learning day by day with this English sikhe app. This English Bolna sikhe app has the instructions in Hindi so user can learn English easily in 30 day course. 
It also gives word meaning of several words.
Designed both for students who have done school education in Hindi medium or English medium.
It emphasises the importance of non-verbal attitude and how it comes across to others.
- You will learn some basics of English which is important to understand before you start learning professional English.
- It is very important to know how to speak English in the modern world. 
- If you really need to learn how to speak English fluently, then this learn English in 7 days app can support you in achieving your target. 
- This app is a 6 to 7 days program and has several which can teach you How to Speak Real English.
- Use this free English speaking course and prepare for a bright future.
- Learn English for competitive exams and achieve your goal soon.
- This angreji bolna sikhe app has many features to help you learn English quickly.
- This English learning app is preferred for kids.
This app helps you to learn english speaking and grammer.
Thank You for download this helpful app.

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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4 or later


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