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This app covers the most fascinating aspects of English Language, the Idioms & Phrases, which are used in all forms of language be it informal and formal, spoken and written.
Understanding and appropriate use of idioms and phrases greatly enhances the learner's language skills.
The present app 'Idioms and Phrases is a collection of more than 9000 idiomatic phrases that occur frequently in English.
The app explains the meaning and use of these expressions in a clear and precise way.
Every idiom given in this app is explained with an example based on meaningful sentence.
The app contains traditional idioms and phrases, Proverb, Slang, idiomatic compounds, similes and comparisons and some selected sayings and clichés.
The app has been divided into number of category as per the alphabets of English with words supplemented by a number of skill building exercises along with keys at the end of the app.
This app aims to help the aspirants not only as a comprehensive reference app but also as a valuable learning tool.
From time to time, from clime to clime, idioms and phrases change like old wine in new bottle or new wine in old bottle.
English is now an international language and foreign influences, particularly the American have brought the English idioms and phrases from the blue skies down to the green earth.
Modern business, information media, newspapers, radio and television, as well as developments in science and technology, have brought new awareness into the English language and its idiomatic usages and flowery phrases.
★ Popular English Idioms
★ English Idioms Dictionary
★ Favorite English Idioms
★ English proverbs with their meaning
★ Most Common Phrasal Verbs
★ American Slang Dictionary
★ Skill Building Exercises
★ Idioms Quizzes
★ Phrasal Verb Quizzes
★ After each Quizzes, summary will be displayed indicating your marks and percentage.
★ Offline use
★ Bookmark option available
★ Search using intuitive search functionality
★ Share Idioms, Phrases & Proverb with your loved ones



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Requires: Android4.1 or later


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