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If you want to improve your English, then listening is the first step. The English Listening App by TalkEnglish is the best listening app to help you improve your English listening.
Our lessons were created by ESL instructors with a Masters degree in TESOL. The audio files were recorded by professional voice talents using high quality studio equipment. They speak very clearly and slowly so you can hear the different sounds. The high quality lessons and audio files will help you improve your English listening.
There are six different levels, and they are easy in the beginning and get harder with each step.
The six types consist of:
- Fill in the blank listening lessons
- What is in the picture listening lessons
- Listening to famous quotes
- Short Passages listening lessons
- Sentence Dictation
- Long Paragraphs
Finally, the lessons are fun like playing a game. We also give points for each level. See if you can get the highest points.
You will have fun and improve your English listening with this great app.



Version: 1.1.3

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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