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The best short stories should haunt you for days and weeks. this app contain various stories categories like humor, comedy, ancient stories, folktales stories, Moral Stories, Tenali Raman, Akbar Birbal Stories, Aladdin (Magic Lamp), The Arabian Nights, Inspirational Stories, Bedtime Stories, Motivational stories Comical Stories, Educational Stories, Fables Stories, Diligence Stories, Family Stories, Mullah Nasruddin Stories, Stories for kids, Life Stories, Love Stories, Animal Stories, Panchatantra Stories, Short Stories, Courage Stories, General Stories, Classic Stories, Other Stories.
Easy English Short Stories with Big Ideas.stories in English to improve your vocabulary and
speaking skills.Here is a large collection of Moral Stories. All people including the old people would enjoy reading these stories. Champak has a story for every child's interest and imagination. The Little Mermaid Story ~ English Stories for Kids. NEW!!! A Bedtime Story in Simple English for Kids. The Classic fairy tale of The Little Mermaid.
short stories with moral values can be a great foundation for learning for your kids. Best Short Stories on Moral Values in English for Students, Kids, Children, Family and Motivational and Inspirational Moral Story in English.
categories includes..
► Moral Stories : Moral values can be a great foundation for everyone.
► Tenali Raman : Funny stories of the witty Tenali Raman.
► Akbar Birbal Stories : Have some Fun: read the Folktales stories of akbar-birbal.
► Aladdin (Magic Lamp) : Aladdin and the magic lamp is a folk tale.
► The Arabian Nights : Arabian Nights stories are some of the world's great treasures.
► Inspirational Stories : Stories about love life happiness and God.
► Bedtime Stories : Stories for Kid Children's Fairy Tales & Folktales.
► Motivational stories : Transform your life with these motivational stories.
► Comical Stories : Stories are interesting as well as entertaining.
► Educational Stories : Learn good things in life and give education to others.
► Fables Stories : This is a collection of tales from the Greek story teller.
► Diligence Stories : Diligence is the earnest conscientious application of our energy.
► Family Stories : Learn the value of unity from family stories.
► Mullah Nasruddin Stories : Nasruddin was a Seljuq satirical Sufi believed to have lived & died.
► Stories for kids : Classic witty and fables moral stories for children.
► Life Stories : Best inspirational and beautiful short stories about life.
► Love Stories : What If You Fell in Love?
► Animal Stories : Stories with lesson to help shape your children's moral compass.
► Panchatantra Stories : Panchatantra is popular collections of animal-based fables.
► Short Stories : Creep into the world to experience the bliss of innocence.
► Courage Stories : Stories of courage and bravery.
► General Stories : Fabulous collection of stories specially written for the kids.
► Classic Stories : A collection of classic all time favorite stories.
► Other Stories : The bookshelf of miscellaneous stories.
Collection of English romantic novels from famous novelist of the world. This app contains 45 novels now. More novels will be added in future. The plan is to add more than 150 famous novels. Best English Romantic Novels is fully functional without the internet. The user interface is very fast and responsive in looking up all the best romantic novels in a second. Over 45 great novels and stories available for offline reading for free. There are a lot of world wide english classic literature in one application for your phone or tablet!
Famous Love and Romance Novels provide us daily good novels allowing us to share and enrich the world with a collaborative experience. Using this Famous English Love Novels app you can learn aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of english language.if you like these stories please rate and share.



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