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Easy English Completing Stories for students.
An industrial graduates
A friend in need is a friend in deed
A little animal can save a great animal
A tiny creature is important
A friend in need is a friend indeed
A school boy and fire
A Traitor
A king and a astrologer
An enlightened man
A fox without a tail
A struggling woman
A clever Cat
Black will take no other hue
Danger comes any time
Divide a piece of bread
Dress is not a measurement of real man
Don't trust a liar
Easier said than done
Failure is the pillar of success
First deserve then desire
Fortune favours the industrious
Grasp all loss all.
Grapes are sour
Grasp all, lose all
Help each other in danger
Hidden treasure
Honesty is the best Policy
Industry is the key to success
Industry is the key to success
Importance of trees
Lame Excuse
Never tell a lie
Perseverance is the key to success
Real peace lies in love for human being
Regular study
Ready witness helps in danger
Reward of honesty
Slow and steady wins the race
Self employment is better than unemployment
Sheikh Saadi and the robbers
True love for Mother
The story of a Rickshaw Puller
The story of greedy dog
The greatness of a noble man
The justice of Quazi
The cruelty of a house mistress
Three honest friends
The prudence of a noble man
The Golden Touch
The punishment of a liar cowboy
Think before you leap
Unity is strength
Unity is strength
Wits of a boy saved hundreds
Where there is a will, there is a way
What is play to one is death to another
Who Will Bell the Cat?
The punishment of a liar cowboy
Devotion to Mother
A fox without a tail
The Ant and the Dove
The piper of Hamelin
The Happy Cobbler
The Fox and The Crow
The wisdom of King Solomon
The Honest Caretaker
The scholar and the boatman
A Wolf and A Crane/Might is Right
The fox and the grapes
Success may come one day
Hazi Muhammad Mohsin and the thief
Tit for tat
The intelligent cat
A Responsible boy and his activity
The way of giving up bad habits
The wood cutter
The old woman and the day
Idleness makes a man inactive
The story of Nasima
The movement for environment
The king and his coachman
The thirsty crow
What is play to one is death to another



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