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We offer our language learner users an innovative dictionary application with a huge glossary of Ukraine and English entries.
Having no demand of internet access, this bilingual dictionary will enable you to explore and scrutinize foreign languages thoroughly.
Ukrainian is an East Slavic Language. It is the official state language of Ukraine and first of two principal languages of Ukrainians; it is one of the three official languages in the unrecognized state of Transnistria, the other two being Moldovan and Russian. Written Ukrainian uses a variant of the Cyrillic Script.
This bilingual app is authorized only Android and has numerous features. Among them are:
• Availability of taking photo of what you are going to translate, and the selected part of the photo will immediately be translated.
• It enables you to invite the app to your friends via Facebook.
• You have a chance to collect all your preferable words in the so-called “Favorite” section, where you can find the saved word whenever you wish as well as remove the word from that section.
• In the “History” section you are able to find any word you have recently searched and looked up the translation.
• Gives you availability of wide-ranging synonyms and antonyms.
• Deepens your understanding of word formations and the origins of words.
• Grants you an opportunity to find trustworthy translations of colloquial and formal words as well as conjugation of verbs and declension of nouns.
• Helps you to study structural relationships in a foreign language and the grammatical functions of words by bringing usage examples of each word you are searching.
• Sounds a word and word translation. Just tap on the screen and listen to the proper pronunciation of the preferred word.
Using our English to Ukraine Translator/Dictionary it will enable you to seek and find the translation, the pronunciation as well as the definition of every word.
So, don’t lose the chance of having our English to Ukraine Language Dictionary on your Android devices, and install this application right now.



Version: 3.6.01

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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