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Welcome to Eps-Topik Lemon Grammar Book.
Nice to see you for the first time here in my Eps-Topik Lemon Grammar Book Application.
Eps-Topik Lemon Grammar Book is an Offline-used Application. For the first, I would like to start with a question.
Why do you want to learn Korean?
You might have two answers:
1 Because you want to work in South Korea
2 You just want to know the Korean Language.
Well this Eps-Topik Lemon Grammar Book will help you to achieve your goal starting from a simple basic level to the Intermediate level then continue to the Advance level ( Next Application).
*At the end of every lesson, there will be a link that can link you to a site. From that site, you'll be able to listen to the pronunciation of any examples of any lesson.
don't forget Turn on Wifi or Your data connection in your device before clicking on the link.
Thank for joining me
I'm really appreciated for your participating.
At last, I would wish you guy to achieve your studying goal!
God bless you!
Eps-Topik Lemon Grammar Book Admin.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android5.1 or later


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