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Everex Wallet is blockchain based application that allows users to receive and send money around the world in minutes with no middleman, using only smartphone. All transactions are transparent and visible on blockchain via external viewer.
Everex Wallet is now available in Thailand, Myanmar with more countries coming soon. Users in other countries can download the app and subscribe to newsletter to get notified about availability.
Use Everex Wallet to:
• Send money to anyone in the world with or without bank account;
• Remit micropayments to various payees;
• Pay for an item purchased from another individual, online or retail store.
Pay fees only when you withdraw funds; all transfers are free, so you can send to one person or many, at no additional cost. Everex does not work with financial intermediaries. All transfers are conducted directly between users using Ethereum blockchain. You are in control of your money at all times.
Everex Wallet works on any mobile network.



Version: 0.2.23

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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