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We're biologically built for connection, but these days, it's easier to lock eyes with a screen than connect with your people. Fabriq slips into your social life to keep your relationships strong, even when you're swept up in the daily grind.
Get Intentional About Your People
Make a conscious decision about who's important in your life. When you put those priority people into your circles on Fabriq, we magically keep you more connected.
We'll Remember the Little Things
You're living in an always-on world, so use Fabriq to remember to call grandma, catch up with your mentor, and say "break a leg" before your bestie's big moment.
Master the Art of Tight-Knit Connections
Use Fabriq to kick certain social habits, prioritize important connections, and stay on top of healthy communication so your actions speak as loudly as your good intentions.



Version: 0.1.35

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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