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We present to your attention our application built for students. It contains a number of tools to simplify the mathematical calculations to convert between different units and help students.
Each application element configured to suit every taste and color.
There are an 10+ different colors and themes.
List of tools:
• The division without remainder;
• Random;
• Factoring;
• Fractions calculator;
• Translation of number systems;
• GCD and LCM;
• The solution of quadratic equations;
• Percentage;
• The distance between points;
• Translation of the decimal point;
• A circle;
• Circle segment;
• Triangle Face by the cosine;
• The length of the sides of a regular polygon;
• Transfer speeds;
• Мass transfer;
• Translation temperatures;
• Translation of angles;
• The values of the trigonometric functions
Tags: school, math, physics, geometry, calculator, calculations.



Version: v1.6

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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