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Finance View is a simple and effective application to quickly see the current market status and try to make better investments based on current and historical data. It is easy to see a Bull or Bear market on the stock exchange. The application is based on the known short and long (moving average), the method is developed with logical programming from API-data.
Finance View has something for those who want to beat the market and base their decisions on logic and facts. The analyzes for each individual stock. Graphs on all stocks and OMXS30 where logic is easily displayed. Make your own stock list in Finance View, select stocks and place weight on them in your portfolio individually and try to beat the OMXS30.
- Daily updated data
- OMXS30 analysis signals, Bear (down) or Bull (up) Market
- Simple to share the signals with technical analysis for resistance and support
- Own watchlist portfolio with Graphs
- Graphs to see trends
- Market comments are written using logical programming from API data



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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