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It is never an easy task to find lost items. Every one of us often forget about placement of items. It is very time consuming task to find lost items at home in our everyday life. To avoid this problem we have developed an app Find The Forgotten. Find The Forgotten is the first ever app which helps you remember and find lost items very easily. Actually It is your smart assistant.
----------------------- BASIC IDEA -----------------------
The basic idea of Find the Forgotten is to take picture of any item, write its placement details and then find afterwards. Find the Forgotten ask you to take the picture of item you want to place somewhere. After taking picture you will be asked to write the placement details of that item. For example you write that you are placing that item in bedroom drawer.
In this way you will place as many items as you want. After that when you want to find lost items of yours. You will click the picture of item and you will get the placement details of your item. Find The Forgotten has found your item.
----------------------- HOW TO USE ? -------------------
Find The Forgotten is simple app that keeps the record of the items and their placement.
Step 1: Click "Place" Button and Take the picture of item you are placing somewhere.
Step 2: Choose a category for item and write placement details. e.g. where you are placing that item.
Done ! (You have saved your item, Now you can forget about it)
------ Really forgot ? ------
Step 1: Click "Find" Button and select category of item
Step 2: Select the image of item.
Now you have details about your item. In fact your assistant app Find The Forgotten has helped you find lost items of yours.
------------------------------ TUTORIAL -------------------------
Video tutorial for Find The Forgotten app available at YouTube:

------------ Additional feature -----------
- You can also search an item by typing in search bar on upper side of find screen.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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