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Do you lose your phone regularly at home/office?
Do you waste a lot of time in finding it?
We are presenting Brand New Phone Finder by Clapping App with Extra Sensitivity....
clap phone finder is a professional tool which helps you finding lost phone. It detects sound of clapping and run loud alarm. Then you will easily find mobile phone. It's the best and easiest way to quickly check where your phone is.
Lost your phone or put somewhere and you don’t remember??? Then this app is the best way to find it. Start Clapping then. It helps finding phone quickly. It detects sound of clapping and turns on the ringtone, vibrations and flashlight. It is the best tool if you sometimes forget to take your phone and you are searching it. With this app you only have to clap into your hands to find out where the mobile device is. It will start ringing-vibrating-flashing.
When there is a dark in your home or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torch or Flashlight. Ever you think how good it will be if your phone’s flashlight will turn ON when you clap at night or dark! Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it’s an amazing tool to turn ON/OFF your phone’s flashlight by clapping.
Forget about searching for a torch and forget about turning on your flashlight, just clap from nearby and see your flashlight glowing.
All you need to do is just download Find Phone by Clap app, open the app and Turn ON the Flashlight on Clap Service that’s it whenever you clap you will see your flashlight glowing like a LED Torch.
-> Quickly clap 3 times to configure and get started.
-> Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes.
-> Customizable ringtone & volume.
-> Customizable time for which the alert plays.
->Auto start app when phone is put on silent.
-> Pause clap detection when not needed eg: in office hours.
-> Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device.
-> Customizable sensitivity.
-> Widget for easy enabling/disabling.
-> Low battery usage.
How does it work?
- it detects sounds of clapping hands
- it runs the alarm. You can choose the alarm sound and volume. You can choose if phone has to vibrate, turns on flashlight or blinks by screen. Alarm is fully customizable.
Why Clap Phone Finder ?
❖ Get Started : Customize the properties in App and Get Started
❖ Different Modes : Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes
❖ Set Ringtone and Volume : Customization ringtone & volume
❖ Instant Applicable : In no time after which the alert plays
❖ Auto Start : Auto start app when phone is put on silent
❖ On Off Service : Pause clap detection when not needed e.g.: in office hours
❖ Auto adjusts sensitivity based on Android device
❖ Sensors : Customization sensitivity
❖ Widget for easy enabling/disabling
Clap your hands and always find your lost mobile phone with flashlight enabled ! Application may be called Clap Phone Finder, Clap To Find Phone, Clap Hands Phone Finder.
Note: Please try to understand the functionality of the app. It will only work if phone is in sleep mode and screen is off and your claps are really loud high pitch for three or more times continuously. None of the pitch of the claps should be low in between three claps.
Thank You...!!!



Version: 1.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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