Fingerprint Galaxy Lock Screen Prank

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Disclosure: This application is a fingerprint scan simulator, so it doesn't really scan your fingerprints, but unlocks your device based on the number of scans you set.
Quickly grab your device, because Fingerprint Galaxy Lock Screen Prank is coming at the speed of light! Come and take a look at a new and free prank app for smartphones and tablets which not only does fake scan your fingerprint but also notifies you when you get a call or SMS. With this cool fingertip locker simulator you will have a stylish background on your locked display coming from out of space! This is a very funny fingerprint prank app that you can use to prank your buddies and scare off the intruders, getting them to think your device can read fingerprints. We guarantee that you will have lots of fun with Fingerprint Galaxy Lock Screen Prank and all you have to do is download it for free!
How to set this fingerprint lock screen simulation:

First open the application

Then check the 'enable lock screen' box

Adjust scan settings (count, sound, speed, vibration) to your preference

Enjoy your new fingerprint screen lock!

Set background!

Set fingerprint design!

Show or hide battery, time and date!

Show or hide missed call and new message notifications!

Take a look at the preview!

Download the app for free!
The best thing about our “fingerprint lock screen prank” is that it is very easy to use! Just place your finger on the fake finger scanner and count scans to unlock your phone. Moreover, you can give your smartphone a futuristic look by choosing among several cool galaxy wallpapers for screen lock or by customizing the fingerprint look. You can have fun with your friends using this “fingerprint touch unlock prank” which is so real-like that any intruder will immediately avert from going through your phone's contents. Please remember, however, that this “fingerprint phone unlocker” does not scan your fingerprint and it is only for entertainment purposes. If having lots of fun is the thing you need right now then download Fingerprint Galaxy Lock Screen Prank free of charge!
This is not your regular screen locker application, this free lock app comes from a different dimension! You can choose your favorite “galaxy lock screen wallpaper” and spend hours playing with the fingerprint simulator. Unlocking your device is much quicker now, since you don't have to type a password or draw a pattern. Just press your fingertip on the screen, wait a few seconds and the “fake fingerprint scanner” will unlock your phone with your fingerprint counter. Set the “fingerprint prank lock” if your do not have any concerns about your phone's security and you simply want to have some fun time with the best “Fingerprint Galaxy Lock Screen Prank”. Get the free download here now!
Lock and unlock your phone with the best fingerprint mobile locker simulator on the planet Earth! Unlock your phone with fingerprint counter with ease! First, press your finger on the display and the “app fingerprint scanner” simulator will grant access to the phone. Everyone can do the same thing, so have fun with your bffs, pretend as if you were in a space shuttle, this “fingerprint unlocker” prank will grant access to any of your friends. Our “lock screen with fingerprint” is an awesome new prank app which simulates fingertip lock screen and represents one of the best fingerprint prank apps on the market. Get the best galaxy screen locker and choose the coolest space wallpapers for locked display. Download Fingerprint Galaxy Lock Screen Prank for free and let the journey into the unknown begin!

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Version: 1.1

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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