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➤ Searching for some exciting, yet useful “lock screen app”? If so, you came to the right place! The ◎Fingerprint LockScreen Simulator App◎ will bring you some extra fun and security to your phone or tablet device! Check out this amazing “prank app” that simulates unlocking your phone by scanning your fingerprint, and play a trick on your friends that you got the most secure smartphone. That will make people stay away from your cellphone for sure! Thanks to this fake “fingerprint lock” app, your personal data will be safe from intruders and you'll be able to use your device without worrying about unauthorized access. Keep in mind that this screen locker is not a real “fingerprint reader”, it only simulates the process of thumb identification. With that being said, visit app market and download for free these stunning fingerprint wallpapers!
How to set up your fingerprint lock theme:
1. Check the box that says 'Enable lock screen';
2. Enter your preferred password and then reenter it to confirm it;
3. Customize your display the way you want it!
➤ The best collection of lock screen wallpapers to choose from;
➤ Set the background horizontally or vertically;
➤ Rotate, slide right, slide left or shrink the background to show your home screen;
➤ Set the time and date formats on your “fingerprint screen lock”;
➤ Choose to show or hide numbers over your locked screen;
➤ Choose the swipe style: up, down, left or right;
➤ Preview of missed calls, text messages, alarm reminders and other notifications is shown on your display;
➤ Display view: real time clock, weather forecast, date and battery percentage;
➤ Don't forget to rate this awesome “app lock” and spread the news among your friends;
➤ Obtain this incredible ◎Fingerprint LockScreen Simulator App◎ and experience lots of fun!
➤ The ◎Fingerprint LockScreen Simulator App◎ comes in handy when you want to pull off the perfect practical joke on your boyfriend or a friend! With the help of this cool finger locker app, you can persuade everyone that you got the real deal, and not the fake thumbprint lock app. As soon as you place your finger on your locked display, this “fingerprint simulator” will pretend to scan your finger, and allow you to access to your device. In that way, all your documents, pics and messages will be well protected from hackers. But, remember that this application doesn't have built-in the real “fingerprint sensor”, it's for entertainment purposes only! The only thing that you need to do is to choose your favorite futuristic lock screen background and to pretend that you scanning your thumbprint. Hurry up and get this fantastic screen locker while it's trending!
➤ If you want to introduce some fun into your everyday routine of locking and unlocking your device, we got something perfect for you! Get for free the ◎Fingerprint LockScreen Simulator App◎, and start fake scanning your fingerprint in order to pretend that you're entering your phone. Step inside our gallery and discover a variety of realistic fingerprint graphics that will enhance the appearance of your locked display in a sec. These “cool lock screens” will, without any doubt, give your smartphone the best makeover that you could ever imagine. We guarantee that “fingerprint app lock” is unlike anything you have ever seen, so download it now and see it for yourself!

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Version: 2.0

Requires: Android 4.3 or later


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