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Fish are very funny aquatic animals many children maintain fish for hobbies and pleasure, fish are animals that live in water breathing with gills and have scales on their skin, fish are very well consumed because they have very high nutrition for the intelligence of a child's brain, The application of fish coloring games is very good for increasing children's creativity in terms of combining matching colors in the image.
Every picture that is given color can be made as wallpaper for mobile users of the coloring game application, it is very easy to use, and doesn't take much storage space,
There are various types of fish pictures that can be colored in the application of coloring games beautiful and cute fish, among others
- Coloring pictures of cute fish
- coloring beautiful fish pictures
- coloring pictures of cool fish
- coloring pictures of beautiful fish
-coloring the fish chef's picture
- coloring catfish pictures
- coloring the koi fish
- coloring the pictures of nemo fish
- coloring pictures of betta fish
- coloring pictures of arowana fish
- coloring pictures of goldfish
- Coloring the pictures of carp
- coloring pictures of dolphins
-coloring the shark pictures
- coloring pictures of sea water fish
- coloring pictures of freshwater fish
In addition to coloring pictures, children can also hear songs that are automatically played when the children are coloring, thus making children more relaxed and not bored.
There are several features that can be used in this fish coloring game application, namely
-Save button, used to store images that have been given color to the photo gallery
Share buttons, used to share images to parents or friends
-back button, is used to change the color if something goes wrong when giving color to the image
Delete button, used to delete images that have been given color,
very exciting
Happy coloring,



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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