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Fiszkoteka language school Angielski Turbo is fast, effective and enjoyable learning vocabulary and phrases scholars on language courses Turbo Angielski.
As a student, you have access to the courses provided by the school or its teachers, and you can manually create your own multimedia flashcards.
If you are a student of a large company supported by Turbo Angielski, first ensure that there are no dedicated application Fiszkoteki to handle your business.
If you are not a student Turbo Angielski, and would like to use solutions Fiszkoteki, download a simple version of the application Fiszkoteka Android.
If you are a student Turbo Angielski and you do not know your username, please contact the school Turbo Angielski.



Version: 2.59.263

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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