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Are you fitness and bodybuilding freek? Download Fitness and bodybuilding - GymSquads app today to follow exercises by professional trainers and get free advice by contacting them directly.
Bodybuilding & fitness - GymSquads is a free fitness and bodybuilding app, in which has vast exercises for each must group. Each exercise contains images, description and video of a personal workout trainer for free. which clearly explains how to do workouts for beginners or experts both the male and female.
Workouts and exercises section includes varies workout routines and procedures for different muscle groups along steps to perform.
GymSquads - Fitness and Bodybuilding app is the bodybuilding community, your free personal trainer (workout trainer) and bodybuilding social networking app in which you can communicate with other members or trainers to get instant help. It will help you in order to weight lose, weight gain, lean mass gain, lean body, and to achieve Six packs.
If you want to maximize the fat burning you should follow fitness workout plan, which involves full body cardio workouts to get a slim body as soon as possible. It is recommended to increase raps weekly in order to maximize the desired results.
In-addition it will help you to perform your workout at gym or workout at home. perfect body shape.
The app allows you to create your own custom workout program according to numbers of your workout days to get .
In addition, our app contains workout plans for bodybuilding, power-lifting and fitness. Do you still need to pay for an instructor when you can do it yourself.
Workout Plans
Core features of GymSquads Fitness and Bodybuilding:
Personal trainer
List of all muscle groups.
Exercises for home
Exercises for gym
Exercises with high quality image and video.
Exercises with short description.
Ability to create customized workout plan
Manage personal profile.
Upload workout images to track and show your progress to others.
Drop reviews on any exercise
Drop reviews on any member profile.
Exercises for following Muscle group are included in Fitness and bodybuilding - Gymsquads app.
Biceps workout / Biceps exercises
Triceps workout / Triceps exercises
Forearms workout / forearms exercises
Chest workout / Chest exercises
Wings workout / Wings exercises
Back workout / Back exercises
Shoulders workout / shoulders exercises
Legs workout / legs exercises
Calf workout / calf exercises
Abs workout / abs exercises
Six packs workout / six packs exercises
Privacy Policy
By using Fitness and Bodybuilding - GymSquads, you agree with our privacy policy at following link:
This app is compatible with current and advance android versions, If you have any query or suggestion please feel free contact us through contact form in app or write us at
Enjoy being Fit - GymSquads



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Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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