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Do, Rate, Repeat & Succeed.
Fitness Phases motivates you to reach your limits and improve your fitness. It helps to deal with your daily workouts and nutrition behavior.
By rating your workouts, nutrition and satisfaction on a daily basis you earn points and improve your personal ranking. All that happens in repeating time intervals, the phases, so you can compare your performance from time to time. Additional you can use log features to save your food & drinks, as well as workouts and body data.
With a regular rating of your own performance you get to know how you and your body works, see progress and can find ways for improvements.
Pro: easy to understand, easy to use, not time-consuming, motivating and spiced with some humor.
Good to know: Your data will be saved directly on your own device (only). No internet connection needed.
We are happy about any feedback to improve the app.
Thanks a lot :)



Version: 1.2.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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