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Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when you receive a phone call, text message, social notifications
with the blink of your flashlight.
Flash On Call is simple Android application which will use your camera flash to make flash alerts while device is ringing or new SMS or MMS message is received. Pretty useful Flash On Call app. Enable blinking LED flashlight for incoming calls and messages. Adjust blinking speed. Very useful tool when you are in dark environment.
Flash light call alert will help peoples in the night time when your android phone in the silent mode or mute. This flash light alert is very useful application for any android user.
Flash light call alert is one of the top useful applications that should be available on Android phones. When an incoming call or message arrives (SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter ...), the Flash of the phone will blinks to signal.
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When to use flash on call and sms :
• You have to keep your phone silent but still need to know about important text messages
For example ( movie theatres, classroom, baby sleeping, etc...)
• You need to identify a caller but can't turn your phone sound on, flash on call and sms will help
• You're in a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone, no problem, you have flash on call and sms
Features :
easy configuration
On or Off LED flash alerts on incoming call
On or Off LED flash alerts on incoming sms
* On or Off LED flash alerts on incoming Notifications
Set the number of flash alerts you want for SMS
Set the number of flash alerts you want for Call
Set LED flashlight on and off durations
Change the speed of Flashlight alerts on call and sms
* To tap Battery Saver Option to set the fast chargering
Best ways to use Flash On Call?
Hospitals or meeting or in silent zones .
When you are in a noisy area and won't hear your phone ring .
This app may also help you find your phone in dark .
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Version: 2.7

Requires: Android 4 or later


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