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Flashlight is a very easy-to-use application that turns your device into a super bright flashlight using the LED flash of your camera,
just have a button to switch on/off the flashlight.
It also informs you about the level of your battery, protecting it against excess consumption by turning off the LED and
turning on the screen light if your battery drops below 15%
But if your device does not have LED flash, don´t worry, you can use the light of the screen at maximum power.
- Very easy-to-use, just one button, and one second.
- Click on the icon of the app and you will immediately have a powerful flashlight.
- Provide information about the battery level.
- Protect your battery by switching to screen light if the battery level drops below 15%
- Completely free.
- Attractive design.
- For devices without flash LED, don´t worry, use the screen light at maximum power
- Fully secure, just a flashlight
!!! Download now the best flashlight app. !!!
********** Information about the CAMERA permission ********************
Because the LED flash is part of the camera, access to it is required to switch on/off the LED flash



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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