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This animation maker app can be used for creating basic simple 2D animations video.
This is animation video creator app with features of tracing,selecting,colour picker,onion view,onion toggle.
This app Cast animation maker is like flipbook, with no need to draw for each frame,for any changes in keyframe, you have to insert keyframe and you can make changes for that layer and frame position.
Please read to begin :
By touching and moving one finger, Pencil/Eraser position on canvas is moved.
and by one finger down anywhere on canvas,and second finger down and move will draw/erase on canvas.
Features :
* One finger for moving pencil, and two finger for drawing
* Pencil/Eraser for Draw.
* Color picker
* Pencil/Eraser size select.
* Select and move/transform.
* Trace select from camera/gallery and transform.
* Inbuilt search for tracing images.Adjust resize,rotate trace image
* Multiple Layers,
* Multiple key Frames
* Onion View
* Onion toggle.
* Layers toggle hide/visible.
* Undo / Redo
* Frames to avi video animation file creation.
Create animation Video
Make animation Video
diy animation
2D animator
Flipbook animation maker



Version: 1.0.6

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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