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Do you LOVE Flowers.? Than HD Flower Wallpapers is the kind of Application you must look up to. Name the type of Flowers that interest you the most and find various HD images of that particular category in 100% HD Quality. We know how anxious and passionate Flowers Lover are about their choices and for the same reason we haven’t compromised a bit on the level of Quality in image. Surf in the Application to explore various types of Flowers Images like Tulip, Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Bouquet, Lily in attractive colors of Pink, Red, White, Violet, Purple, Yellow, Green and many more.
You will also disclose flower Pictures that are been used by many on auspicious occasions like Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, etc.. All the Wallpapers are can be downloaded in various Resolutions up to 1920p with enticing Backgrounds. All said and done now it’s up to you how you make the best use of this wonderful Flowers Wallpaper Application!!.
Features of “Flower Wallpapers HD” app:
Quality Flower Wallpapers in HD of different types likes Tulip, Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Bouquet, Lily in attractive colors.
With Live Internet Connection, you can share Wallpapers on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Email. For Offline Sharing you can use Bluetooth
Zoom in/Zoom out , Cropping and Image Editing Features are available which makes the Application User-Friendly.
Auto on/off option available to Auto-Download New Images on Wi-Fi and 3G
No complexity in Analyzing the Wallpapers and "Set as Wallpaper" Process. Its pretty Straightforward
Application is absolutely free and there are not any covered or concealed conditions to download any Wallpapers.
Wallpapers can be customized as per requirements of Screen Resolution.
Different Resolution up to 1920p accessible for all of the Flower Wallpapers.
This application functions Prefectly for each android device having any size of screen resolution including tablets
Internet Connection is not necessary to Set any of the Saved Images as your Wallpaper
Both landscape and portrait mode are supported



Version: 1.11

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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