Fly Camera - Magic Levitation Camera

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Fly Camera - Magic Levitation Camera
will torn your image into Fly in the sky within seconds with simple magic with your finger touch!
Are you interested to see you in fly with magic effects?
Want to make outlined poster with fly.?
And want to makes you fly in air amazingly in your photos...?
Now it's possible with diffirent
Fly Camera - Magic Levitation Camera
application tools.
Fly Camera - Magic Levitation Camera
offers great tools to make you fly in the air any object you zoom to & outline, creating Fly with magicaly photography. make personal change Background for poster very beautiful fly in the anywhere you want and grow pictures easily. it also provide you to some process to make your image Fly and it have also some facecut image which will also change your image into fly image editor app.
This image editor makes very minutes items zoom in and make fly in the sky,fly in to air,sitting in air items as you want. it will enlarges objects of picture to the level you want. People are being fed up of observing ordinary images to simple in to limited extent. Fresh procedure to noticed perfect images is to separately make make your picture in to fly objects of picture and then cut out from there for further pasting on of that fly picture.
Fly Camera - Magic Levitation Camera
makes fun of picture by make fly in air and funny items as well as is very useful for observing certain minute.
Fly Camera - Magic Levitation Camera Features
# Make fly photo objects in the form of face cut sticker
# Automatic cut out certain part on selection
# Many tool make perfect image
# Make fly in air with simple process for fun
# Save and share your big photos
# You have option to cut image with brush
# Also rotate your image with horizontalty and also with vertical side
# Crop image with simple moving finger and also with UNDO and REDO
# Make yourself flying into air without any risk
# Make me fly
# Forced perspective photography



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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