Три пирога Тверь

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Family Bakery "three cake" - a well-coordinated team of professional bakers who knows no compromise. We can not do bad, or "so-so", we are doing just as "excellent", otherwise just do not know how. We love what we do, so our pies - the highest level!
Among many of our recipes Ossetian pies you are sure to find one that will be enjoyed by: a pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes, beans, cabbage, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, apples or cherries. This Ossetian cheese pies for our well being prepared according to old recipes and delivered us from the mountainous regions of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania!
Our cakes are prepared by hand, made from natural bio-ingredients, with strict observance of the ancient, time-tested recipes, but the most important thing - we put into every piece of the pie of the soul, of love and kindness, which gives them a unique taste. Try it and see!
We try to work quickly and carefully execute the wishes of customers. We will not allow you to suffer from hunger. Bon Appetit!
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