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Trade online CFDs with iFOREX! Access markets and trade hundreds of CFDs on foreign currencies, stocks and other financial instruments to buy and sell. Enjoy market leverage and some of the lowest spreads in the market with a leading international brokerage group for over 20 years. With the reliable iFOREX app, trading is safer than ever.
Huge instruments portfolio
With a nearly endless list of investment possibilities, you can choose and get a quote on a top currency CFD such as the US dollars, the Euro, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF and more. You can also trade any CFDs on bond, ETF, indices,share or other derivative that you want.
Market leverage
Think you know which way the markets are going? Whether you’re a bullish or bearish investor turn your foresight into an investment! With our unique leverage, you can enter the markets and start investing even with a small capital! You don’t need to invest everything you have to trade with iFOREX. Just open and fund your account to enter the market. (Leverage trading contains risk of losing your funds)
Advance trading & analysis tools
Be a smart investor that leverages the best tools. Live rates and charts, market signals and an array of advanced trading tools help you seize the next market opportunity. You can trade CFDs knowing you are using some of the best analysis tools in the palm of your hand to maximize your actions. iFOREX leverages top tools to give you the best insights.
24/7 live support
With trading open around the clock, we got your back for any question that may arise in 20 international languages. From financial analysis questions to ones about a derivative or technical issues - iFOREX is ready to assist you with anything you need. From traditional CFDs on forex to trading CFDs on a stock or a bond, we have it all.
Negative Balance Protection
Trading can sometimes be like a rollercoaster, especially when using leverage, and we want to make sure that you never end up in a negative balance. Therefore we will protect you while you have open positions, whether you buy or sell, and make sure you won’t lose more than the capital available in your account.
Low spreads
With countless investment combinations, using CFDs you can trade any instrument on any given day. Whether it’s traditional CFDs on forex, or you’re trading CFDs on a stock or a bond, we’ve got it. Buy and sell a CFD on currencies such as US dollars or the Euro, GBP, EUR, CHF, CAD, AUD and more, ETFs and top CFDs on indices, oil, and any other commodity with low rates.
Formula Investment House Ltd., an investment firm licensed and supervised by the British Virgin Islands’ Financial Services Commission under license no. SIBA/L/13/1060
The materials contained on this page are for advertising and marketing purposes only and should not in any way be construed, either explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly, as investment advice, recommendation or suggestion of an investment strategy with respect to a financial instrument, in any manner whatsoever. Any indication of past performance or simulated past performance included in an advertisement published by iFOREX is not a reliable indicator of future results. Future results may vary and no indication of future performance can be taken from this advertisement. Margin trading involves significant risk of loss of invested funds and may not be suitable for all investors. Gains cannot be expected to be achieved by all clients. Before deciding to trade with a margin account, you should consider your financial condition, your level of experience and seek advice from an independent financial advisor, if necessary. Educational packages are free of charge. Trading involves fees in respect of the various instruments and products. Registration is the act of opening an account with no deposit requirement and is free of charge.



Version: 2.1.12

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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