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An indispensable, easytouse tool for doing fractionsA fast, simple, easytouse calculator that adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides and simplifies fractions an indispensable tool to handle fractions or ratios and for checking your child39;s homework.Make fractions fun againYou never have to look for a basic calculator again as long as you have your phone.With the calculator you can: Add, subtract, multiply, divide and simplify fractions. Enter multiple values before solving, for example 12 14 18 78. Enter mixed integer and fraction values, for example 2 12 1 14 18 3 6 78. Mix decimal and fractions in a calculation, for example 5.25 2 12 7 34.All calculation results are expressed as fractions.convert a fraction to a decimal number and a decimal number to a fraction.5.25 becomes 5 14 or 5 25100.5 58 becomes 5.625. Display a history of your work or your math homework. Simply a fraction or a ratio, for example 2736 becomes 34 and then convert to 0.75 or 75100. Master fractions and make peace with whole numbers, denominators, numerators, quotients, division with remainders, and ratios.find lowest common denominator by simply adding two fractions. Divide and see quotient with remainder in lowest fractional form. Compare fractions.Take the difference between two fractions to learn which one is bigger. Work with improper fractions. Work with negative fractions or numbers.



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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